About Me

Bread baker. Soup maker. Spiritual seeker. Blessed partner. Tree planter. Aspiring pray-er. Companion with others. Minister of the Word.

I love poetry, country rides, reading memoir, biography and spirituality, daily walks along the creek with Jeb the Dog, global travel and intimate dinner parties. My heart is tugged between a secluded home on the Nebraska prairie and a love affair with NYC ignited by my first visit as a wide-eyed high school sophomore from Omaha. I have sky-dived from 15K feet and circumnavigated the globe.

After twenty-three years as a Jesuit and thirteen years of ministry as a priest, I requested release from my vows and left the Society of Jesus in March 2002. Bills got paid. My desires were largely filled. Loved home ownership and found satisfaction as a major gifts development officer for the College of St. Benedict and then the University of Minnesota.

With the loving support and generosity of my beloved partner — and now husband — of fifteen years, I headed off on an undefined dream of returning to ministry. This pursuit took explicit shape with a 12-month hospital chaplain residency completed in August 2013. Old wine skins don’t seem to fit anymore. Now I assist with retreats for people who have experienced homelessness, coach men in recovery living in sober homes, have taught English to immigrants, and resumed the practice of offering spiritual direction.

I seek to learn the wisdom of the poor and, somehow, live in meaningful and mutual relationship with people on the economic margins and periphery of our dominant culture. I value the earth and desire to grow in deep respect and appreciation for the integral relationship we humans share with the natural world. I want to become a better instrument of disarmament by pursuing non-violence as best I am able; confronting anger, abusive power, status-seeking hierarchy and structural violence – beginning with myself and in my immediate sphere of relationships.

Along with many others, I yearn for a more vibrant, vital, nurturing community of spiritual support, challenge and commitment. I am trying to develop a habit of consistently choosing less while growing in gratitude, generosity, humility and anonymity. I cherish beauty and creativity and want to recognize it more and more in its many expressions. Ultimately, I hope to leave with NOTHING!

Always, mine is a work in process.

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