One God

Regular readers know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am steeped in Catholicism and aspire to nothing more than to be a decent Christian.  Many may not know of my deep regard bordering on love for Judaism.  Some may even know of my active curiosity for Islam.  The Trappist Christian de Cherge and his fellow monks in Muslim Algeria, on whom the movie “Of Gods and Men” is based, remain among my all-time heroes – but that is for a later post. 

As others have said rightly, there is not a Christian god and a Jewish god and a Muslim god.  There is only one God!  With that conviction in mind inter-religious dialogue, even practices where possible, remain an interest and commitment.  One of the great world religions of which I know very little is Hinduism.  You might imagine therefore my delight when I happened upon this prayer from the Hindu scriptures:

Though the Infinite One is without color,
He colors the entire universe;
Though immortal,
He is born, and lives, and dies.
He becomes the woman, the man,
He becomes the blue butterfly,
The green parrot with red eyes.
He becomes lightning, the seasons,
The endless sea.
Beyond all time and space,
He is the One from whom
All the worlds are born.
                                       – the Upanishads 

I would be inclined to interchange a feminine “she” with the masculine “he” from time to time in my prayer.  Here I simply offer it for your use in any manner you will find useful and consoling.

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