God Doesn’t Have a Plan B

Sometimes things are so cogently stated they should be allowed to stand as they are.  I had that experience today when I read — as I do regularly — my friend Susan’s blog, Creo en Dios!  It carried a provocative reminder that for all of us who claim to take our faith seriously: “We are God’s plan for justice, and he doesn’t have a Plan B.  We’re it.”

Think about that!  If we simply take a moment to consider that reality, letting it settle even a bit into our consciousness, my hope for this post will be fulfilled.

You may wish to take a look at Susan’s post for a rich discussion of “reimagining the the practice of law”, poverty and violence against the poor, and a few other poignant topics.  (Click on “post” in the previous sentence.)

Some may wish to regularly follow Creo en Dios! as I do daily.  Susan is a professor of law as well as an experienced, wise and popular spiritual guide and retreat director.

Again, WE are God’s plan for bringing justice to our world; there is no Plan B!

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