Around One Table

Holy Thursday commemorates the institution of the Eucharist and offers a fitting occasion to honor the ministerial priesthood. The following poem by John Kinsella eloquently expresses core asceticism of that vocation.

In the Rite of Christian Baptism we were all anointed with chrism as priest, prophet and king. All the baptized are called to offer prayer, give expression to the Word and to roles of servant-leadership.

Today, all the baptized find a place around one table…

for priests in these difficult times

the day you were called
to break bread for a living
was the day you were called
to be broken.

the days you spent bending over bread
are spent around a mystery of fraction.

if you are indeed broken,
you need to gather up each other’s fragments gently,
and remember how, again through you,
He feeds so many with so little.

–  John Kinsella
(from commonweal 2-9-96)

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