Your feedback, please!

First, thanks for reading.  Though I’d like to say writing is worth it whether anyone reads or not, a blogger doesn’t “put it out there” without the hope that others want to read. So, thank you.

In that spirit, I would really like to hear what you think?  Yesterday’s piece marked a threshhold of sorts — my 100th posting on Kneading Bread.  Seems like a good time to ask for your feedback.

Please let me know what you think.  Do you read regularly?  What do you like about Kneading Bread?  What don’t you like about it?  What suggestions would you make?

My motivation and goal have been to raise awareness, prompt reflection and promote action — all this from the perspective of a Catholic Christian trying to “practice” his faith in the context of community.

Please let me know your thoughts, opinions, suggestions.  You may do so by using the “comment” icon below — these comments would be posted for others to see.  Or, you may email me directly at <>  In either case, I do want to hear from you.  Your comments are important to me and to what Kneading Bread will become.





2 thoughts on “Your feedback, please!

    • Richard you do me proud ! I love your blog. It is so inspricational for me! I am so new at this I pad stuff I love being able to read your blog It always food for thought . Thank’s. LOl Ro!

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