Do You Know Him?

This poem was written by my friend, Kathy Caron in November 2009:


Do you know him?
Do you know him?
Is he really a sinner?
For being the person God created him to be?
The bright, inquisitive boy who has a heart of gold?
The boy who cares deeply for the rights of others?
The boy with the playful spirit, and creative depth?
Do you know him?
The young man who struggles to accept who God created him to be?
The young man who is following his path, with righteousness and care?
The young man who cares about the world
So deeply that it is painful?
Do you know him?
The brother of the two who silently, obediently, listened
While you called him a sinner?
The son who always takes time to remember birthdays, anniversaries
making things by hand that he knows would be special?
Because he notices.
Because it matters to him.</em
No, you don’t know him.
Yet you judge him.
Using God’s word as your shield.
He is my son.
He is not a sinner
Not for embracing who God created him to be.
He is simply trying to be that person.
Yet, he has the burden of living in a world filled with fear and judgment
About who he is.
He is just like you and I
Created in the image and likeness of God.

Do you really know him? God, I mean.

One thought on “Do You Know Him?

  1. In response to the question in the Baltimore catechism; “why did God make uou,” the Book’s
    answer is threefold. The first: God made me to know Him. If words in my language (English)
    are not reinterpreted to satisfy a desired respomse determined by ‘my’ religion, my response
    is: I do not know God, I know of noone who knows God, and I do’t see how it is possible to
    know God. (And I have equal problems witj “to love Him” and “to serve Him'”. God bless!

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