A Simple Injunction

A big banner photo greeted me when opening the monthly e-newsletter from the Episcopal House of Prayer this morning:


During the few years I served on the EHOP board a new walkway to the chapel was installed with five incisive quotes from the world’s great religious traditions.  I had nominated this quote from Psalm 46 and designated my modest annual gift to this project.  I both welcome and need this Biblical injunction.

Imagine my surprise with this morning’s sudden reminder!  Such interventions should not be easily dismissed as mere coincidence.  So today I sit up and pay attention:  Be still and know that I am God!

Funny thing is, Jeb the dog tries to remind me of this in a hundred ways each day.  One look at him sprawled out in a shaft of sun on the dining room rug any given winter day should be instruction enough.

Sometimes life’s simplest truths are the most difficult to assimilate into our daily routine!

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