Is It Just Me or What?

Does anyone else think this is odd? Or, it is just me?

While waiting to taken to the airport for a return flight to MSP I occupied time by paging through a typical “summer issue” catalogue of attractive home furnishings. The items focused on color, comfort and casual. This one happened to be from “grandinroad” but could have been from any number of others in this market niche.

Something seemed oddly unsettling despite the ease with which the mostly patio and poolside items invited relaxation and rest. Not until page 46 did I get a sense for the dis-ease I was sensing. Not until then did a single, solitary human being appear amid all the creature comforts. He — again alone — would reappear on page 50. What are they selling? What appeals to consumers?

Three real live dogs and a puppy debut on pages 60-61 dedicated to “doggone fun.” The same woman in four different swimsuit poses is the only other human being to be found in this 96 page catalogue. She appears on page 90.

Does anyone else have questions about this? What does this say about our culture? About what sells and what people are “purchasing”?

I’ve had a marvelous week in PHX celebrating a birthday, a wedding anniversary and reconnecting with my three-generational AZ family. Some of our socializing and partying was poolside and on the patio. Each visit here is cherished and a gift.

Still, perusing this catalogue makes me even more eager to get back to my husband and Jeb the Dog in MSP.

One thought on “Is It Just Me or What?

  1. My thought is that people who have all of the extras are so busy working that they have little time to enjoy them.

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