Same Old, Same Old

Archbishop Bernard Hebda may be a really nice guy. He may even be a holy man. But, sorry, this (if true as reported) is the same old hierarchical, cover-your-priestly-ass, clerical bullshit:

“Hebda in the Q-and-A added that the Ramsey County investigation found insufficient evidence to bring forth criminal charges against any individuals and that questions to whether Nienstedt’s alleged misconduct compromised his leadership “became irrelevant in my mind” once he resigned last June.

“Moreover, canon law is sufficiently realistic and practical in that it doesn’t authorize bishops to judge their peers, and does not contemplate any further role in this matter for me or the archdiocese,” Hebda said.” (Excerpted from current National Catholic Reporter).

Need we remind the archbishop that he “or the archdiocese” does not constitute “the church”? This is a gross failure of pastoral leadership and ignorance of what the Church of St Paul and Minneapolis needs and deserves!

Sweep the investigation of Nienstedt’s alleged misconduct with 24 adult males under the rug and maybe people will forget! This “became irrelevant in [your] mind”?

Need we remind the current archbishop that Nienstedt remains on the payroll — for life — of the Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis?  In addition, he remains a member of governing boards at the Catholic University of America as well as the Gregorian in Rome. Should not the faculty and administration of these institutions care about the moral integrity and reputation of their board members?

What’s buried alive stays alive!  But, the truth always comes out. The truth will be told. The only question is by whom.

For far too long the arrogant attitude of the hierarchy has been, “We know what’s best for the ‘lay faithful’.”  To this the People of God say, “BULLSHIT!”


Full NCR report [here].

One thought on “Same Old, Same Old

  1. Stay strong in this Richard.  I’m now reading a book you can download free from one of my former nursing professors who went on to get her doctorate in theology and devoted her career to those abused by clergy.  You can get it at  The header offers book downloads and the one I’m currently reading is her latest, “Soul Betrayal: Spiritual and Religious Trauma”.  Her name is Ruth Krall, and she’s been a huge figure in confronting this in my church of origin.  Mennonite.  She took on the church in exposing John Howard Yoder, the informally appointed ‘king’ of Mennonite theology and intellectualism. He taught at the Mennonite Seminary and Notre Dame.  There is a blog started by Mennonite women called “Our Stories Untold”.  It is gut wrenching.  I can send you some of those if you want to see what they are doing.  Grass roots stuff that is really socking it to the church. Let me know if you want any of my info.  Print or electronic.  It is this issue that prompted the publishing of my book per my website, 


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