So, How’s It Going?

How’s it working out for you? Have you given up yet? On this third day of the New Year I’m aware of the resolutions I might have made. I’m even more aware of the fact I haven’t made any. Past experience convinces me its futile.

If you’re like me, maybe we simply haven’t been smart about it. Two suggestions came to my attention this year and have given fresh encouragement. Jen A. Miller counsels us to be SMART about it — resolutions need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-specific! Read her wisdom [here].

The second bit of brilliant advice came from Tim in Costa Rica who writes a blog, Recovery River. As with much wisdom from the 12-Step world, his insights are often universally applicable. Tim recognizes that we often fail with resolutions because we have never really resolved to change anything. He prudently counsels going with priorities!

Priorities are goals or values that are really important to us such that we will truly strive to achieve them. With a little reflection we can even rank our priorities and act accordingly. His advice comes as a breath of fresh air for the way it frees us from “shoulds”. [link]

So how’s it going for me? The only thing I want to give up is our sense of failure and frustration for not getting Christmas cards sent this year. Can’t even claim, “Yours is in the mail.” Still, I’m not going to resolve to do anything.

I will simply announce here that it is a high priority for me to learn how to configure my digital contact information to enable printing address labels, and this before the end of January. Who knows? If you are on my Holiday mailing list you may get a Valentine from us next month.

But, then again, maybe not! With the way the price of postage is going digital greetings may have to suffice. However, you didn’t receive that either! I don’t know how to do “listserv messages” to a select group of email contacts. Another priority to learn?

Part of me want to simply give up. Thankfully, past experience teaches that’s just not smart.

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