This morning, mulling over the meaning of this day from Washington, DC…

I arrived last evening to be part of mourning the loss and celebrating the life of my niece’s husband (56, died of a massive and totally anomalous brain bleed).  Just saw James Martin’s FB post the Tom Stegman died yesterday, appropriately on Holy Saturday (sublimely perfect — he was not the Christ but shared in such life and love so intimately).

Life is changed, not ended.” echoes through these events and is evident in the world around. But how? How is life — the whole creation — different from yesterday? Easter Sunday cannot be a final, singular, historic event. So much suffering, injustice and death attest to that. Rather Easter, transformation, resurrection, salvation, change pulses within and radiates from all that shares being.

It is now, here, today if anywhere, ever! May we be wrapped in the Mystery of it all.

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